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After Seasons of Torment, Can Autumn Evans Begin Again?

Fleeing an abusive relationship, Autumn Evans has experienced it all: love, fear, and heartbreak. After seven years of emotional suffering, Autumn returns to Maplewood with a dark past full of secrets. Easily triggered by surprises, loud outbursts, and tight hugs, Autumn struggles to find the woman she used to be and reconnect with the family and friends she pushed away.

But when Mason, the man who shattered her heart and her very being, coerces himself back into her life, she’s forced to face the traumatic past that sent her away from the small town in the first place.

All hope in regaining her sense of self seems abandoned until she meets Emmett Miller. When fate forces their paths to cross, Emmett learns that asking for forgiveness may be easier than giving it.

As Emmett and Autumn’s love blossoms, Autumn must search beneath the layers of her heart and determine whether she can love again …

Available in Paperback and eBook

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About the Author

Lizbeth J was born in Los Angeles, California, with a rich Mexican heritage she’s proud of. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado, with two cherished companions—her cats Leia and Luna. When she’s not writing, Lizbeth enjoys participating in thrilling Dungeons & Dragons sessions with her friends, getting lost in the pages of her beloved romance novels, capturing the beauty of nature through her photography, or relishing the genuine Mexican dishes served at small establishments.

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Available in Paperback and eBook